MEP Design Build

Ashe Consultants has teamed up with some of the best mechanical and electrical contractors to provide design-build capabilities. The design-build delivery vehicle allows for the most thoughtful coordination between the building owners, the designer and the builder all while meeting the most aggressive schedules.

Being able to stand in the field with the people that are going to install the equipment is invaluable for a project like the one shown here. The clearances were down to fractions of an inch and working with the installer allowed for a precision installation. Teaming with the contractors also allows the designers to coordinate with the equipment representatives and/or manufacturers whose equipment will be used which allows us to meet or exceed the project requirements.


CADExamples of MEP design-build projects:

  • Ronald Reagan National Airport Executive Conference Room
  • Kennel HVAC Modifications – Ft. Myer
  • FAA 10B CLER Data Center
  • Building 2118 Mold Evaluation – Ft Belvoir
  • Buildings 314, 315, 316,  HVAC Upgrades – Ft Belvoir
  • FDA Switchgear Replacement
  • DOT Chiller Plant Cross Connection
  • GSA 10th Fl Renovation
  • Census Bureau CRAC Unit Replacment
  • Building 450 AHU Replacement
  • Building 704 Annex Renovations
  • Project SOS Mt Weather
  • BLS Ground Level Renovation
  • Upgrade Dormitory Infrastructure Systems – Buildings 1600, 1624, 1631, and 1657 – AAFB
  • Upgrade Dormitory Infrastructure Systems – Building 1624
  • Pentagon Athletic Center Domestic Water System Upgrades
  • Building 201 HVAC Replacement – Ft Belvoir
  • Hotel Monaco Generator Upgrade
  • DC Chamber of Commerce Offices
  • Loudoun Hospital Fire Pump Addition
  • Rayburn House Office Building VFD and Spot Coolers


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